Monday, June 22, 2009

So Close I Can Almost Taste It...

BD and I have been working on our master bedroom since the day we bought our house. Literally. We started the demolition as soon as we left the closing. We had ambitious goals when we started the room i.e. take everything in the whole house down to the studs and start from scratch. We've since realized that touching up plaster and refinishing moldings in place really are a close second if you take time and care. Unfortunately, it was a lesson learned too late for our bedroom, which suffered from lack of walls for nearly a year. And then there was the unfortunate day when BD decided to investigate why the floor dipped in the front and ended up removing (and ruining) a good portion of the hardwood. If you've ever tried to find antique heartwood pine you know it's not an easy task. Finally, though, I can see the light. There is a complete, refinished floor. There are wall, which are even insulated and painted. The wiring actually works. I'm guessing in another week or two I might even be sleeping in this beauty.

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