Friday, July 10, 2009

Carrot Top Soup

Our farm share group sends out an e-mail newsletter each week along with a reminder to pick up your food, dammit! In this week's newsletter there was a recipe for carrot top soup. Since I had been saddened by lack of ability to do anything with the glorious greens from last week's carrots except donate them to the cause of the Boss Man's rabbit, this recipe thrilled me to no end. Since I'm practically a soup addict, there was double cause for excitement. Truth be told, I didn't even wait for my carrots from this week's share, but used some I still had left over from last week. The recipe is really simple: carrots, carrot greens, celery, onion, rice, and vegetable stock. I also added in some basil and some dill since we're currently incapable of cooking something here at 29 Timson without one or both of those. My first spoonful of the soup was unlike anything I've ever had before, but it really grew on me and was quite delicious. In fact, I think I may even make it for Thanksgiving. If our dining room is anywhere close to ready this fall, I really want to host my first Thanksgiving at 29 Timson, so I'm constantly planning out my fantasy menu, and this soup is on it!

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