Saturday, July 18, 2009

Next Up

Despite the fact that none of our done projects are actually complete--every single one is missing trim, windows, finished doors, and not a single radiator has managed to find its way back to where it came from--I've decided to move on and tackle the next project on the list--the room we were sleeping in which will become the office/guest room. This one should be relatively easy since we're not taking any walls down, refinishing the moldings, or messing with any electrical. The moldings and windows are all currently painted,so I'm planning on just painting over them in some kind of white. As for the walls, I want to paint three of them some kind of red and then wallpaper the fourth in black and white floral. There's also an awesome closet in this room which we're going to continue to use since our new bedroom doesn't have one. I want to wallpaper the closet as well and definitely get rid of the current doors. I'm thinking I may replace them with a curtain since that seems to be one of my current obsessions. In addition to the painting, we're going to refinish the floors (BD's been threatening me that he's renting a sander this time instead of doing it by hand, and getting rid of the replacement moldings. This house suffers from the curse of the replacement moldings where at some point for some reason the original molding were replaced with others that don't even come close to matching. As we finish each room, we're removing these replacements, but it will be years until we have the big bucks to have replacements for the replacements custom made, so in the meantime, we just suffer through the gaps.

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