Saturday, July 11, 2009

Woodland Nursery

So, if I have a girl baby (no, no, I'm still not even pregnant, but a girl can dream, right?), I really want to do a kind of nature, woodland theme. Originally I thought I would plan a gender neutral nursery and then I'd be set either way and my kid would have no societal gender influences, but I've kind of changed my mind and landed on the nature idea for a girl and a retro, classic look for a boy (think robots, rockets, and a radio flyer wagon...). Anywhoo, I've found some things that I think would be so cute in a girl nursery.

This blanket from LuLusWoobies.

Mahar's Drygoods also sells a similar one.

I love this mobile. I found the directions for it at Spool Sewing. I think I'd probably combine it with this bird mobile project from The Red Thread and have some birds on branches, some in rings, and some decorative balls here and there.

And what about these pillows from The Little Stitch?? Wouldn't they be super cute in a woodland nursery?

I'm also really digging this clock from DecoyLab.

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