Saturday, July 11, 2009

Um...Yeah...About That

So today was supposed to be the big day that we finally moved into the master bedroom. And we did. Kind of. There are still pieces of trim missing. And a doorknob. And some window pieces. And the radiator. And the curtains because when we went to buy them last night, the store had the curtains, but not the rods. But these things are all okay because the really bad part is that our room is tiny. Minuscule I tell you. Somehow because we'd never seen it with anything in it before, we assumed it was spacious and amazing. As soon as we started to put the bed frame together, I knew we were screwed, because really that was the only thing the room had space for. I kept sitting there, thinking that I could have sworn we measured this all out, but in reality I think we just measured the width of the bed against the width of the windows, not the length of the bed, or any of the other pieces of furniture. Because furniture we have. While this room was made for a bed and maybe one bureau if you're lucky, we have a bed, not one, but two bureaus (one of which is about six feet long, and two nightstands. Oh yeah, and that radiator still needs to go back in....

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